Analytics show cannabis industry still on high horse

The Cannabis industry has long been under scrutiny for being too exclusive to outside interested participants. Even the recent evolution of the cannabis hipster has caused much debate. A recent study analyzing social media analytics has confirmed humility is not the strength of the wild cannabis pro.
The independent researchers of the Society for Measuring Adult Recorded Media or (SMARM) has been monitoring the cannabis social media community over the past year. Their BOTS have been watching for all sorts of positive and negative phrases and recording results to state common interactions. Cannabis professionals are dramatically prone to use language like:
– Might I recommend?
– Really?
– Grow your own.
– Well evidently…
– Let me clear this up.
– It just goes to show.
– Wow.
Diana Collins lead researcher from SMARM says the results are not surprising if you spend 10 minutes on Twitter “We had to restart the BOTS several times during the initial process as the results came back astonishingly fast. We brought in specialists as we had thought something was broken… it was not.”
She was able to confirm that not all conversations were negative but they often turned into a group discussion or activity between like-minded individuals that validated mutual biases or goals in a non-confrontational environment. The SMARM team has defined this as “intellectual masturbation.”
When asked if they could confirm the trend changing she identified its just to early to tell. “All though bright lights are shining in the future of cannabis I’m not sure we will see people get off their high horse quite yet.”
We spoke to Cannabis Podcaster Peter Michaelson of Dank Cannabis Update for his take on interviewing cannabis professionals from all over Canada. “This job is super easy,” he told Verp. “All I generally have to say is tell me about yourself, and they can go on for hours, you can’t shut them up.” Peter was not surprised by the results “I have 81 episodes of people who enjoy the sound of there own voice.”
*We at the Verp agree with this results of this study but think we could have done it better

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