Ampersand Awards Awash in Canna-Controversy

The Canadian Cannabis Awards hosted by Ampersand & Co has recently come under fire for their award show honouring Canada’s best when it comes to the Cannabis industry.

The glitz, glamour, and red carpet have come apart faster than a poorly rolled joint as pundits have pointed out some very critical missing Canadian traditions.

Lydia Fassbender of the Canadian Award Society is not pleased with the blatant disregard for award show requirements, or the blatant promotion of pistols.

“We take our traditions very seriously at the CAS, and Ampersand & Co clearly should have hired a consultant.” She went on to state that she appreciated that Rick the Temp was hosting, but there were many other clear missing elements.

“First off a musical break from Blue Rodeo or Great Big Sea was nowhere to be found. As well I saw not one appearance by a vague CFL star from the 80s that only your dad would know. At the very least the event needed to be sponsored by Wendys.” She stated she has nothing against Cannabis and has friends who use CBD but was disappointed in the growing community.

Jordan Funk, of the Canadian Content Compliance Inc or CCCI, said this could have easily been avoided.

“We have a proven track record of consulting live Canadian Events and if I’ve learned anything from years of mediocre Grey Cup halftime shows we can help prevent this type of misstep.” He said that “All though you can go out on your own in this kind of thing it’s important you work with a consultant. Stars like Robert Goulet need at least a week of warning before they can fit it in their schedule.”

We at the verp confirmed Mr. Goulet has been dead since 2007.

One attendee who wished to remain anonymous confirmed the event was nice, but they were unable to find Deepak or Barry.

Deepak, meanwhile, crashed the main awards by going on stage to deliver a confusing rant.

“I went out and bought a suit that costed a lot. A whole lot. CCI is for the children!,” he said before being escorted off stage.

Gun control activists were also protesting the event for what they called the “glamorization of guns”, by giving an award for “best pistols”.

“This dangerous glorification of gun culture shouldn’t be infiltrating the cannabis space,” said one protester outside. “Smoking pot is supposed to be about peace, not who has the nicest pistols.”

Verp did not contact Ampersand & Co for a statement.

*Verpmedia would like to remind everyone to write in verp in every category next year. 

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