Aging relic tries to get arrested, no one cares

The one hit wonder pop band many may remember from the 1990’s called Aging Relic tried re-releasing their one and only hit “Tries to get arrested” in Montreal this weekend, but only sold four copies.

The five member pop band that formed in the early 90’s in Vancouver shot to the top of the charts with their hit single “Tries to get arrested”, which found regional success in Canada before the group fell apart after trying to get airplay in the US market.

The recent re-release was an attempt by the former pop stars to regain some of their former glory, focussing first on Montreal, but with plans (or hopes) for a new cross country tour. The band’s last attempt at a cross country tour in 2015 fizzled before coming to fruition.

Aging Relic’s lead singer and manager, Marv Corundite, says he was disappointed at the lack of sales after one day of street marketing, but says there are already plans in the works to open up pop up shops that will be hawking the band’s single, as well as merch like hats, fanny packs, and life sized posters of Corundite.

“Tries to get arrested” spent 400 weeks on the Canadian pop charts, from late 1991 to early 1999, before fading into obscurity. Although they had a brief resurgence in 2015 with a remix of “Tries to get arrested”, selling millions of copies, legal trouble and rumours of infidelity and infighting among the band meant the run was short-lived.

One of the members who went solo, Lana Pearson, did have some regional success in Alberta with his own acoustic version of “Tries to Get Arrested”, but sales quickly diminished after a few weeks.

Corundite says that despite all this, he thinks Canadians are really interested in another remix of “Tries to get arrested”.

“The musical landscape in Canada right now is bleak. But the spirit of the 90’s is alive with Aging Relic and this is the one song we really know how to play. We’re going to play it over and over and over because it’s all we know how to do.”

*Copies of verp’s own satirical remix of “Tries to get arrested” can be purchased at your nearest satire dispensary. 

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