Legalization a boon to part time food bloggers

The legalization of cannabis in Canada is projected to be a multi billion dollar industry, but it is also benefitting an unexpected ancillary market; part time, stay at home food and fashion bloggers.

As news agencies across Canada scramble to react to current events like the legalization of cannabis with hard hitting stores like ‘Hey it’s legal now’ or ‘DYK CBD is not THC?’, bloggers who normally just do stories on topics like what the Kardashians are doing, or listicles about their favourite food truck Instagram accounts, or updates on the happenings of Lil Tay, are being thrust into the forefront of the cannabis beat and finding themselves de-facto cannabis experts.

“It’s really great,” said one food blogger, James Jenkins, who works at Scum, an online media outlet for millennials. “Just last week I barely knew anything about marijuana. But then I wrote a story for the CBC about pet cannabis-suppositories and the next thing I know, I was getting requests to do features on every major TV news network in Canada.”

Becky Christian, verp’s own new cannabis expert blogger, said she has not been able to keep up with the media requests as she dives deeper into her expose on how there are no pink cannabis products.

“Ever since my story broke about the lack of pink weed,” says Christian, “the calls from talk shows have just been flooding in. It’s almost too much to keep up with and it’s really eating into my eight hour work week. The other day I had to actually work for four straight hours! But such is the life of an expert like myself.”

For their part, editors and publishers say they are hesitant to hire writers to cover the weed beat full time, because they expect this whole cannabis things is just a passing fad.

“Look, I can’t go and put full time staff on every passing fad the public is interested in for a few weeks,” says James Jameson, Editor at the Daily Flail. “I wouldn’t cover the marijuana at all but it’s the flavour of the day and we need to get these millennials reading our articles and they love the marijuanas.

“If it were up to me… we’d report on nothing but gin, women’s shoes, and wheat prices, but apparently my interests aren’t popular enough.”

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