Pubco possibly ponders entrance into pot market

A well-known publicly traded company says they are maybe, possibly, in the future, thinking about perhaps considering entering the cannabis space.

The company in question says they are “as of yet” not making any firm commitments, but they have begun several “high-level talks” with “several cannabis companies” who are “very interested” in collaboration.

One source close to the unnamed Pubco, who spoke to verp on condition of anonymity, says the move is a smart one, given how popular cannabis is right now with the stock market.

“I can see why they are willing to be as bold as beginning to maybe consider possibly looking at getting into the weed biz,” said the unnamed source. “Every publicly traded company who has announced they are looking at cannabis has seen a massive spike in their share price. it’s just a smart move.”

The fact no one yet knows who this company is or how they would even fit into the existing regulated legal cannabis market remains to be seen, but cannabis stocks have already shot up and then collapsed four times since the announcement this morning.

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