Cannabis company accidentally trademarks entire Death Row back catalogue

One of the world’s largest cannabis companies is apologizing today after a low-level staffer apparently accidentally tried to trademark the titles to every Death Row album released in the early to mid-1990’s.

In a statement, Jordie Jackson, CranApple Corp’s vice president of hip-hop mixtapes, apologized to Suge Knight, saying the filing was made in error by a low-level staff member whose actions were not approved by the company.

CranApple says they have the utmost respect for all the artists who recorded on Death Row in the 90’s, but added that anything after about 1996 was not very good.

“Clearly this low-level staffer who acted without our authority had good taste in music!” screamed Jackson, while being dangled off the balcony of a high rise hotel room by his ankle. “Everyone knows early to mid 90’s Death Row was the bomb, defining West Coast rap for decades to come!”

As an aside to verp, Jackson later added that “pretty much everything after Tupac was supposedly killed was pretty bad stuff, let’s be honest.”

Public records show CranApple Corp had trademarked or attempted to trademark Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Doggystyle, the seminal 1993 release, as well as Murder was the Case, Dogg Food, and The Doggfather, as well as Tupac’s All Eyez on Me and Makaveli, and Lady of Rage’s Necessary Roughness, plus the Above the Rim soundtrack.

Each of these titles was apparently intended to be the name of a new strain to be offered by the Nunavut-based licensed producer later this year, but crop failures and a cease and desist from Suge Knight forced them to scrap the plans.

Many Canadian rappers have long complained about Canadian cannabis companies developing relationships with foreign rappers, usually Americans.

“What about Shad’s discography, or K-OS? Or Drake?,” asked one Canadian rapper. “Well, okay, Drake doesn’t count because he’s basically an American. But what about Son Real?”

*The East Coast/West Coast cannabis beef is tearing apart the cannabis community! 

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