An Aside to our Readers

Verp and Brocclon Research would like to inform readers to be of cautioned in the ongoing and real cannabis satire rush. Although the hype is big and the satire is real, it is critical to understand that in the Canadian landscape, there is only one number one Cannabis.Satire site and there will ultimately be more sore losers than winners.

Reality Check from Verp

While Canadian cannabis news readers get ready for October 17 and the dawning of a new age of cannabis news in Canada, Verp believes that there are a few truths that need to come to light with regards to The Beaverton.

The Great Deception in Process.

The Beaverton management appears to have been deceiving the satire reading public by purposely posting articles that are both funny AND satirical and not disclosing the size of its distribution agreements social media influencers.

Our totally-anonymous-but-entirely-not-made-up-super-secret-inside-sources have informed us that it’s because the jokes at The Beaverton are so small they could never justify the premium readers are paying for the content.

Some may argue that satirical parody websites are subject to stricter scrutiny because humour is a super serious thing, but we still advise you to only read verp and never The Beaverton.

*We actually love The Beaverton at verp. The author of this satirical article is just jealous of how awesome The Beaverton is and how well compensated The Beaverton writers are.

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