Celebrating all things cannabis oil on International 710 Dabbers Day

Cannabis “oils” and concentrates are an increasingly popular product for the refined cannabis connoisseur who is looking for that pure, unadulterated, high potency and terp-a-derpy flavour splash. From products like budder and shatter to cannabis honey oils, from dab rigs to disposable vape pens, these gooey, sticky, icky, yummy oils and concentrates are how those who ‘truly know’ like to experience their cannabinoids!

In honour of July 10, International 710 Dabbers Day, the stoner celebration of all things cannabis concentrate, verp is happy to share with our readers a comprehensive and totally unbiased list of cannabis oil products that are both healthy AND nutritious.

1. Honey Apples: The homemade dab rig

Everyone has used some version of the apple pipe in a pinch when they have weed and apples, but no pipes or rolling papers (carrots and potatoes and even broccoli stems work, too). You just make a hole through the apple and pack one end with some weed.

But have you ever used an apple dab rig?

An apple dab rig is somewhat similar to a traditional apple pipe. Instead of packing it with weed, you pack it with your cannabis oil. But here’s where it gets different! Rather than just lighting that shit on fire with a lighter and inhaling the smoke, with an apple dab rig you want to actually heat the apple up to just below the combustion threshold, ideally with a butane torch which you apply to your apple for a few seconds before drizzling the top of your apple with some yummy honey oil and inhaling deeply. Added bonus: apple terps!.

2. Moon Rocks

Dipping old buds in a thick oil and then covering that in some kief is a great way to get rid of a product that people would otherwise not buy at all! And as a bonus, the oil you dip it in can also be made from subpar flowers and trim!

This is a great value-added product that can help any industrious weed grower or processor get rid of subpar product, benefitting the economy, creating jobs, and keeping people high.

3. Love rose

For those who have never lived near a shady corner store or bodega, the Love Rose is a small glass pipe made to look like a small vase that holds a small paper rose sold at the counter in all kinds of funky retail establishments. The paper rose is then worn on your lapel and you use the glass ‘vase’ as a pipe.

Now, most people who buy these tend to use them for harder drugs. But what many don’t know is that they work great as a hash pipe/dab rig in a pinch! Strolling around town with a few grams of budder you wanna blaze with your buddies, but don’t want to go home and get your bubbler? Just squirt some of your honey oil or other cannabis oil product in one end, optionally adding in some kind of filter, and then heat the glass underneath your cannabis oil and inhale from the other end! Terparific and now you have a cool lapel rose!

4. The verporizer

The verporizer is a new cannabis oil vaporizer to be released in Canada in October, 2018. Made from 100% Canadian hemp-derived plastics and Manitoba steel, along with the finest in reclaimed electronic parts form a landfill in Asia, the verporizer is THE most elite and exclusive disposable vaporizer pen on the marker anywhere!

And the best part is it’s discreet! Because of the verporizer’s patent-considering innovative design, you’ll look like you’re just eating some healthy broccoli as you walk down the street discreetly sipping from your high quality verporizer.

*This satirical article was paid for by Big Oil and Local 710 and does not provide sound medical advice. 

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