Verp announces name change to Brauxly

Verp is pleased to announce a formal name change today from verpmedia to Brauxly Corp and Associates and Friends and Stuff.

Effective at the market opening July 9, 2018, common shares of the company will probably not begin trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under the Company’s new name and under the trading symbol “BROX”.

Corey Balderdaski, Chief Creative Officer of Brauxly Corp and Associates and Friends and Stuff, stated, “Changing our name to Brauxly pays tribute to the evolution of our business from a dedicated satire platform to one that is immersed in all aspects of the cannabis satire chain.

“When we recently got really high, we took a moment and realized that the company we started has grown into something much bigger—it has grown into something far greater and much more vibrant. We realized that we needed a brand that better reflects this.

“You don’t build a brand for today, you build a brand for one, four, twenty years down the road. Something that will grow and adapt, but will always stay true to your core ambition. And our core ambition has always been to create a satirical media platform that takes the piss out of the cannabis industry, while also making us filthy rich. To be a company that remains relevant. To march to the beat of our trumpet and build something both unique and different that we can all feel smugly superior about. This last six months has been about building our foundation. Now we get to architect the future.

“We are more than a satire company. This is Brauxly.”

You can now find us at our new url,

*Brauxly Corp and Associates and Friends and Stuff is a collective of assholes with a passion for making fun of the cannabis industry past, present and future. Our mandate is to facilitate snark for our readers by providing them with silly tweets and sharing our vast industry experience.


  1. Best Payday Satire

    Great, another cannabis satire site sells out to the stock market. Craft satire is where it’s at!

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