Quebec creates terrible logo for retail stores to discourage consumption

The Société Québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC), Quebec’s crown corporation responsible for cannabis sales, released their new logo earlier this week, which they say is a harm reduction tool meant to discourage people from buying cannabis.

The symbol, which many have compared to a puckered butthole with a rectal thermometer poking out of it and cost $50,000, was workshopped by the province for several months as they sought to come up with the most embarrassing and disgusting logo they could.

The intent, says Alain Brunet, the President and CEO of the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ), which manages the SQDC, was to make something so ridiculous that Quebecers wouldn’t be caught dead shopping there.

“Our intents was to help drive down rates of the cannabis consumption in the beautiful province,” said Brunet, through Google Translate. “Of the many artistic representations, we found of this simple rendering of an Thermomètre Anus to be very droll. The youth will say non.”

Quebecers seem to agree. Verp’s on-the-street Quebec correspondent interviewed people in Montreal who said they all would not be caught dead shopping in a store with such a logo.

“C’est tellement collant,” said one man standing outside a starbucks in downtown Montreal. “Je n’accepterais jamais chez ces vendeurs. Je ne peux pas imaginer ce qu’ils pensaient”.

This reaction, says Bruent, is what the province was hoping for. Quebec is seeking to lower usage rates of cannabis in their province by over 50% over the next two years and “ensuring cannabis stores are ugly and embarrassing is the most effective harm reduction tool we have.”

The province has said they hope to have 20 stores by the end of 2018, but none have yet to be announced.

The new anus thermometer logo is said to be a replacement for a failed plan to force consumers to watch Reefer Madness and listen to Celine Dion as  harm reduction tool after protests from many Quebecers who said the joke was “really corny and played out”.

*This satirical article has been translated from English, into German, then into French, then back into English.

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