Verp announces new retail training program for provinces, private retailers

In conjunction with pureverp˜ certification, we are proud to announce the release of our new retail training program for cannabis retailers in Canada and abroad.

The retail training course will provide the key information that cannabis sellers will need to ensure their employees are providing accurate info for curious consumers on day one of legalization on July 1.

Retail training will include tough subjects like:

  • Start low and blaze it 24/7
  • Is this weed?
  • What kind of weed is this?
  • How high will this get me?
  • Can I smoke this?
  • Do you have vape pens or edibles? (No, but the illegal store down the street or online does).

By utilizing our exclusive, patent-pending weed-identifier technology and associated app, retailers will be able to help consumers identify if a product is, in fact, weed. Just take a picture of the product using the app, available on Itunes and GooglePlay, and it will tell you if it is or isn’t weed.

In addition to this groundbreaking technology, we’ll help retailers explain to consumers the nuances of how products will make them feel through our patented Category Classifier that divides cannabis into three key categories: Not Dank, Kinda Dank, and Totally Dank.

Consumers can be guided to these three categories depending on their consumer needs and price range. Consumers who enjoy activities like mountain biking or BASE jumping will appreciate the beneficial, energizing effects of Not Dank, while those who want to lay on the couch watching Rick and Morty and have cash to burn might prefer the Totally Dank.

Provinces and private retailers interested in both pureverp certification and retail training can contact verp via tin can phone or twitter DM and a crack team of retail training specialists equipped with the latest in man-bun technology and sleeve tattoos will be whisked to your door to get you and your team ready for October 17, 2018. Or July 1. One of the two. 

Choose Pureverp˜, because at verp, we know that it goes so much deeper than THC and CBD and indica and sativa. And your consumers deserve to feel secure under the watchful eye of the verp logo. 

* Satire can be neatly divided into three categories: snarky, smug, and snarky/smug hybrid.

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