Teetotaling rock star with no connection to cannabis single handedly secures pardons for all cannabis offences in Canada

An aging, once-famous straight edge punk rocker from America is calling on the Canadian Prime Minister to expunge cannabis related arrest records, perpetuating a long tradition of Canadians just loving rich American celebrities telling them how to run their country.

The move is serving to generate lots of earned media for the International Cannabis Business Conference, run by a consortium of US-based cannabis investors with an admission cost of almost $600-700 for the one-day event.

Somehow, the straightedge rocker who famously eschewed drugs back when he was relevant (and once said “smoking pot is a monumental waste of time”) has become the poster boy for an expensive, exclusive cannabis-investor friendly event touring the world, while perhaps ironically spreading his own message that if you seek to get rich in the cannabis industry, you’re in it for the wrong reasons.

Rollins has nobly said he would ‘beg’ Trudeau to pardon all cannabis offences if given the chance, leaning on the long standing tradition of Canadian policies being shaped by multi-millionaire American rockstars.

For example, Jon Bon Jovi famously called on Brian Mulroney to lower the Canadian deficit in 1989, and Sonny and Cher had a sit down with Lester B Pearson in 1967 calling for Canada to exit the Vietnam War. (Canada wasn’t in the Vietnam War).

Not at all a publicity stunt for headlines, Rollins has become quite the advocate for cannabis these days, coinciding of course with the associated speaking fees at these events which he undoubtedly donates to organizations seeking to empower minority communities and lobby for expunging unjust arrest records—or buying $200,000 speakers for his North Hollywood mansion.

While the uber-macho multi-millionaire rock star continues to do well for himself by advertising for expensive luxury cars and Calvin Klein (when he’s not attacking depressed people for committing suicide), like his fellow teetotaling legacy rock star Gene Simmons, Rollins’ interest in the cannabis space is interesting because of his famous aversion to any kind of intoxication.

But that apparently has not stopped him from being a media-generating keynote speaker for the internationally-touring ICBC event, which seems to have gone from legitimate experts like Gabor Maté, to such luminary cannabis thought leaders as Tommy Chong, famous for claiming he cured his cancer with cannabis and selling plastic bongs.

Now, that’s not to say that the attention this uber wealthy, anti drug punk rocker brings to an important topic like pardons for past cannabis offences is wasted—especially personal possession—just that the message comes from a rather ironic place. Besides, the Liberals are probably saving that carrot for the next election.

* On a less satirical note, cheers to anyone who speaks out for amnesty, including Mr. Rollins,  and Black Flag rocked pretty hard considering it was made by sober people!

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