Conservatives propose to raise age limit for alcohol to 21. JK, just weed. They love booze.

In yet another failed attempt to screw up and delay legalization with petty, repetitive and increasingly ridiculous amendments, the Conservatives proposed today to raise the age limit for cannabis to 21. When that failed, they tried 19. When that failed, they tried 18 and a half.

“We know this shit won’t pass,” said Senator Batshit, who danced around the senate chambers awkwardly reading a canned statement about reefer madness, “we’re just trying to be jerks. It’s our role as the official opposition to just oppose everything and waste everyone’s’ time with a bunch of bashit™ amendments because, well, we’re dicks.”

Senator Eggleton and Senator Dean, meanwhile, were all like:

“You have GOT to be kidding me,” Senator Eggleton probably wanted to say at one point in response to some sort of asinine proposal from one Conservative senator or another. “You guys are just being silly. Imagine if you made these kinds of proposals with alcohol. Or your precious guns! FFS!”

Thursday, June 7 is the final day of debate in the Senate before they must vote on the bill at third reading. The Conservatives have squeezed through a few stupid amendments that, if the bill passes, the House will likely want to reject, which could then mean some back-and-forth between the House and the Senate until one of them stands down on leaving in or removing stupid amendments passed in bad faith.

* This satire is getting old eh?

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