Don reviews: Talking the ‘Bis with Chuck Rifici

Since no one else is doing it, I’ve taken it upon myself to provide authoritative 100% pureverp™ reviews of emergent media in the cannabis space.

While verp enjoys a monopoly on cannabis industry satire, there is an overabundance of cannabis related podcasts, videos, and blogs, and I’m here to help you figure out if it’s worth risking your career by getting off twitter for a minute or two to check them out.

The first of these reviews focuses on the youtube series, Talking the ‘Bis with Chuck Rifici.

Full disclosure: Cannabis Wheaton owns a controlling interest in verp, and Chuck basically controls everything else anyway, so I won’t be saying anything bad about him here, though I do have a word or two for the production staff.  

To start with, I’d like to talk about the music. I love the theme music. It’s upbeat and gets you pumped for the show. I remember being really excited when I saw the first trailer—finally a cannabis show that didn’t use a bob marley track or some canned public domain jingle to get things going.

But then the intro sequence ends and what are you left with? Creepy 1980’s era elevator music underlying all of the interesting conversation that you’re trying to listen to, that’s what. In the end it gives things a kind of old-school infomercial feel that I think could be easily avoided by just not having music during the conversation.

The guests have been well chosen in that they all play unique and prominent roles within the cannabis industry, from branding gurus like Abi Roach and Alan Gertner, to old school activists like Tracey Curley, Jamie Shaw, and Matt Mernagh.

However a few of the guest descriptors seem a bit brief. In the case of Derek Ogden, the descriptor of “former RCMP officer” seems downright lacking in light of his subsequent work for the tobacco industry, as well as his more recent work with National Access Cannabis and Obsidian Consulting.

And then there’s the best part: the cheeseball puns Chuck closes every episode with. In the earlier episodes they’re pretty obvious, but as the episodes progress and the low hanging fruits disappear, the puns are getting more elaborate and delightfully cringeworthy, even to the point that the last few have actually made me chuckle a bit before I start groaning. I really look forward to seeing how these develop in the long run.

All in all I’m enjoying Talking the ‘Bis, despite the kinks i’ve pointed out above. The conversation is, for the most part, engaging and fun, and I especially enjoyed the debate around “is cannabis addictive.

You can find Talking the ‘Bis on their youtube channel, which hasn’t been deleted yet because they’re not using it to push weed porn.

* Some of this article is satire, so you might as well just assume the whole thing is.

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