Verp to introduce pureverp® certification for cannabis producers, retailers

Verp is pleased to introduce the new pureverp® certification for cannabis producers, retailers, and consumers. Pureverp® certification certifies that anyone anywhere along the cannabis supply chain, from producers to retailers to consumers, can signal to the world that they are certified by the premier fake cannabis news site on the internet.

Producers  can show off the pureverp® logo on their product packaging and labelling, and retailers can display the “certified pureverp”® broccoli and red dot sticker in their window, signalling to their consumers that both the products and the retailer are certified pureverp®.

Similarly, consumers can join the pureverp® certification family by displaying the pureverp® logo on their person through a vast array of amazing and stylish clothing products, stickers, coffee mugs, beach towels, suppository applicators (coming soon), and much more at the verpswag online portal.

“This is a proud day for Canadian cannabis,” says Donald de Cosmos, co-proprietor of verp media in a canned statement he wrote while on the can. “By adhering to the strict yet undefined pureverp® standards, cannabis producers and retailers can show consumers that they adhere to the highest quality standards in the world. Canadians should feel proud and safe when they see the pureverp® logo on or associated with their cannabis products.”

The online portal for pureverp® certification will be announced in the coming days, and you can pre-register here.

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