Cannaswagaholics gather for national support group event

Cannaswagaolics, people addicted to acquiring cheap promotional giveaways at cannabis industry events, will be gathering this weekend at their annual support group and industry celebration, the Ampersand Expo.

The ‘cannaswagaholics’, as they call themselves, gather every year in Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre to push through the crowds and grab promotional frisbees, rolling papers, lighters, medtainers, shirts, and more from eager promo reps and corporate execs working the hundreds of bustling booths.

This year is expected to be especially appealing to those addicted to cheap plastic crap, as the expo swells in size in anticipation of the passage of a bill, C-45, rumoured to make weed legal in Canada.

A person who frequents cannabis related events with their head on a swivel looking for any and all swag. Willing to push event patrons out of way to get the last meditainer or broken coast tshirt. Often seen boasting about haul from Ampersand conferences.

Alex the Chemist, a self-proclaimed Cannaswagaholic and President of the Canadian Cannaswagaholic Alliance, says this year he will be attending with several large, heavy duty construction-grade garbage bags to walk around the expo and, as he puts it, “shovel swag into my bags like a cop raiding a dispensary.”

The CCA is rumoured to be holding an exclusive gathering high atop the Hilton on Sunday night after the Expo to show off and even swap their finds.

* Satirical swag is the sexiest swag. Get yours today!

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