Doug Ford wants to sell booze in corner stores, but still thinks weed should be illegal

Doug Ford tweeted last Friday that he wants to see beer and wine sold in corner stores, box stores, and grocery stores, but he made no mention about his recent flip flop on the issue of doing the same for cannabis.

This past March, Ford delighted free market cannabis proponents when he said he supported private retail sales of cannabis in Ontario, only to quietly backtrack a day later and say he supports Kathleen Wynne’s government monopoly approach, adding that if it were up to him, pot wouldn’t even be legal in the first place.

“I tend to just say things really unfiltered,” Ford might have possibly said in his defence. “I’m not like these Liberal elites who think carefully about what they say before they say it. I just speak my mind, like an average Joe Taxpayer. Sure, sometimes I have to walk it back or contradict myself entirely, but that’s just keeping it real!”

A spokesperson for the Ford campaign confirmed that Ford is currently firmly in favor of selling booze in corner stores, but this could change any day now.

“What’s important is we keep weed out of the hands of kids, so that they can have more room in their hands for a nice cold wine cooler from the corner store.”

*A satirical take on real word events.

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