Guy who never tried the door says he’s been locked out

A man standing outside a building today said he was locked out, but people inside the building say the guy just didn’t try to open the door.

Don Kinn, who said he has been trying for years to get into the building but has been locked out, gave a press conference yesterday on the steps of the building leading up to the door in question.

“This door has been locked too long for people like me who have spent years working outside this building,” proclaimed Kinn to assembled reporters from different media outlets. “Those on the inside of that building have never been outside and everyone outside has no way of getting in!”

A spokesperson from inside the building, however, disagreed when they came outside and greeted the crowd and showed Anderson how to use a door handle.

A few moments later, several other people from outside walked past the press conference and entered the building, too. One even offered to hold the door open for Kinn so that he could also come inside.

Kinn, however, ignored these people and continued on with his speech to the media.

“It is these unfair and arbitrary barriers to the entry to this building that myself and others outside the building object to. Doors, in and of themselves are barriers, and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn how to open or to buy a key.”

Assembled media didn’t bother to ask any questions of the people in the building or the people entering the building from the outside.

* This article is satire. 

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