New lobby group says no collocation of cannabis and alcohol is missed harm reduction opportunity

A new lobby group is making waves across the cannabis space, going against the grain and promoting the retail collocation of cannabis and alcohol as a valid harm reduction strategy.  

Canadians for the Collocation of Cannabis and Alcohol Sales (CCCAS) “seeks to inform policy makers, stakeholders, and health professionals that the best public health outcome for legal cannabis lies on the path of collocation,” says spokesperson Bob Goodman.

“We have assembled a body of research that clearly shows the harm reduction potential of collocation” Goodman continues. “This is largely due to two factors: purchase substitution, and the effects of co-consumption.”

“We have studies that show that simple purchase substitution—the simple act of people changing their minds at the store and buying cannabis instead of alcohol—will itself reduce overall alcohol consumption in areas with collocation by about 10%.

“What’s even more interesting are the effects of co-consumption. These include reduced volumes of alcohol consumption, purgative effects on people who smoke cannabis after consuming too much alcohol, and in many cases, enhanced awareness of both physical and social limitations despite intoxication.”

The ranks of the CCCAS are largely made up by a coalition of members of other social and professional organizations that have a vested stake in the harm reduction they say will result from the collocation and co-consumption of cannabis and alcohol, including:

The Canadian Association of Minor League Hockey Concessions (CAMLHC), which strongly believes that allowing cannabis to be sold alongside beer at hockey concessions will drastically reduce instances of parent-on-parent violence, and also significantly reduce the shouting and screaming of profanities;

The University of Scarborough Interfraternity Council (USIC), which cites evidence that partygoers who have smoked cannabis are 10 times less likely to engage in risky behaviour like keg stands and panty raids, and also that people who drink to excess and then smoke cannabis often projectile vomit and then munch out, leading to a drastic increase in upholstery stains and empty cupboards, but a comparable reduction in cases of severe alcohol poisoning, and finally;

The Union of Rural Canadian Strip Clubs that Frequently Screen Live UFC Events (UR$CSCQFJSLUB#FCE), which just completed an extensive study on the relationship between cannabis use and violent or otherwise dangerous behaviour in public places, showing that co-consumption of cannabis with alcohol reduced instances of shit-talking, physical posturing, and brawling each by several orders of magnitude.    

The CCCAS also plans to promote the collocation of cannabis with coffee, which they say will reduce instances of road rage by up to 37%.

* One study showed that writing cannabis satire significantly increases your chances of being egged at 420 protests.

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