verp media presents the ULTIMATE EXTREME 77 Canadian cannabis influencers list

At verp, we understand that keeping up with your social media can be time consuming. Getting all those little dopamine hits from those likes, shares, and follows takes serious dedication! Maybe one day your job will have to give you several social media breaks like they allow smoke breaks now.

Anyway, in order to help our verp readers to better identify key social media influencers who will help you gain knowledge and popularity in the Canadian Cannabis Space®, we’ve compiled The Most Comprehensive and Extreme Twitter Influencer List in the History of the Universe™.

So below is the FINAL say on all 77 influencers and any other lists you may see are FAKE lists and ours is real.

The Cannabis Realist. No one seems to know who this guy or gal is. But whoever they are they’re spunky!

WeedSpaceDoge Bark! Woof!!

Arno Hazekamp is a cannabis scientist. He used to work with Bedrocan in the Netherlands.

Chris Stone is a QA guy for an ACMPR LP. Smart cookie.

Jamie Shaw has been in the cannabis scene in Canada for a long time, working with CAMCD, the BCCCS, and more. *(and other things which cannot be defined through our limited understanding of time and space).

David Hyde is a security guru who knows a lot about compliance for Canadian cannabis (and probably a bunch of other countries, too).

Chuck Rifici is in the cannabis illuminati and controls all things cannabis.

Gill Polard is a savvy cannabis type person based on Vancouver island with her finger in a lot of pies!

Hilary Black started Canada’s first cannabis dispensary about 20 years ago in Vancouver. Nowadays she’s a patient advocate at Canopy, which we think means she does stuff.

Dieter MacPherson is many things. He’s a guy who does stuff. A lot of it. Follow him.

The Wellness Soldier is a pretty cool cannabis chef who is making a name for himself. Yummy!

Andrew Waye is a cannabis scientist. Smarty pants!

Derek Riedle started Civilized, a fancy cannabis publication that also does events and stuff.

Tyler Sookochoff started Lift. Last we heard he was in Aruba.

Deepak Anand  never leaves home without a pocket square.

David Brown (D.B.) Cooper was last seen jumping out of a hijacked airplane over the dense forests of Washington State.

Dr Jenna Bobenna recently appeared in the senate.

Tony Dean is Justin’s go-to guy in the senate on Bill C-45.

Annie MacEachern is a self starter and a go-getter. Keep an eye on her!

Erin Prosk has deep roots in front line compassionate access to medical cannabis. Respect!

Min. Petitpas Taylor is The Minister of Health in Canada.

Greg Herriott is an old school hemp farmer in Canada.

Greg Engel Looks great in a toque, fellow kids.

Victoria Dekker works for Organigram. Does content and comms.

Natasha Raey also started Lift. Seems to live on an airplane.

The Village Bloomery is a very nice dispensary in Vancouver and they tweet nice stuff about flowers.

Tamantha Roberts is a fun old lady.

Will Stewart is one of those lawyer/lobbyist guys.

Trina Fraser‘s true friends call her Tina.

Aaron Salz tweets good stuff but I don’t really know what he does.

Adam Greenblatt will let you know If you’re a moron or a fraud.

Bill Blair is the government’s bulldog on legalization. Some say he’s 10 feet tall.

Sam Znaimer doesn’t really tweet, but this is a dude you should know.

ReneeMGagnon started one of the very first LPs in Canada and is working on all kinds of neat stuff.

AlexTheChemist is one of those fancy cannabis science types.

Mark Ware is the Canadian Pope of Medical Cannabis.

Upstart Sauce is co-proprietor of verp. Pompous ass.

Bruce Linton has never tweeted.

Your boy pancakenap is wicked with the cannabis stats and cool pics of his small home grow.

Jonathan Zaid started CFAMM and Is a powerful advocate for medical cannabis in Canada.

Leslie Meerburg works in Gov of Canada cannabis comms.

Pipedreemz is kind of like David Hyde but less so.

Marijuana.Ca is the best domain name in Canada.

Amanda Siebert covers cannabis for the Georgia Straight and has excellent taste in T Shirts.

Hamish Sutherland is an old school legal weed dude.

Rosy Mondin rides a motorcycle and wears many hats.

Ian Rapsey is a creative guy.

KirkTousaw is a weed lawyer.

Tracy Curley has been on the cannabis scene in Canada since forever.

Lisa Campbell formerly co-hosted TMZ with Matt Mernagh. Co-conspirator behind the Green Market and a bunch of other stuff.

Dana Larsen literally invented weed.

Russell Barth is the angriest pothead in the universe.

Abi Roach started the hotbox cafe a long-ass time ago.

Mik Mann is a true rebel who dares to smoke weed in public.

Mandy McKnight is the mom of a young son with Dravet who uses medical cannabis.

John Fowler runs a big cannabis company when he’s not tweeting.

Jack Lloyd is like Kirk Tousaw, but younger, and in Toronto.

Shannon Kloet works at CCI.

Shane Morris is obsessed with mint and sticking it to the man.

Cam Battley hated dispensaries before he loved them.

Matt Mernagh is an old school cannabis activist who has done a ton of stuff like write books and make webcasts.

Jonathan Page is a weed scientist.

Barinder Rasode is an up and comer with a company called NICHE.

Dan Sutton owns several patents on the sun.

Infosec Dan Fielding seems like a smart dude.

Mark Spear tweets about weed and seems to work for someone.

Harrison Jordan Is a keener.

Travis Lane  has been growing weed and hair for a long time.

Dessy Pavlova is a world class powerhouse.

Onya Ganja is Editor-in-Kief   and Stoner Girl’s Guide.

David Purcell runs KPU’s weed program.

BCBubbleman loves him some bubble hash, I’ll tell you what!

Jordan OfThe Islands breeds weed seeds!

Hugo Alves is one of those corporate weed lawyers.

Betty is Horgan’s plug.

myclobutanil is puttin’ all kinds of stank in yo’ dank.

Kate Robertson manages Ampersand’s news blog. She’s still finding her feet there. Neener neener neener.


  1. Mr. ReaListiK

    I think Remo & Sandra Colasasnti are certainly worthy of bring on this list. They have been a great influence on myself and many others and has done a lot for the Cannabis community, A few others as well.
    Other than that, good list. And yes, that BC Bubbleman sure does love the Bubblehash lol.

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