Tobacco, cannabis industry to compete for whose packaging regulations are worse

The tobacco industry released a volley of statements and press releases today following the passage of Bill S-5, new legislation that, among other things, strengthens packaging regulations for tobacco products.

Comparing these new regulations to what they call the ‘logical’ packaging restrictions being proposed for cannabis products under Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, one tobacco industry lobby group says they are considering getting out of the tobacco business and into the weed business.

“These new regulations will just make the black market for tobacco thrive,” said Chad Jackerson, spokesperson for Tobacco Retailer Alliance of Canada. “This is going to force the legal tobacco industry to go bankrupt and we’ll all have to start cannabis companies.”

Firing back at what they say is a dangerous co-optation of their own messaging against cannabis packaging regulations they also say are unfair and will empower the black market, cannabis companies released their own announcements today.

“These fat cat tobacco executives have no business stealing our talking points against cannabis packaging regulations,” said Jack Chaderson, spokesperson for the Canadian Association of Cannabis Growers. “And to add salt to our wound by suggesting these cannabis regulations are sensible? It’s, frankly, deeply offensive.”

Meanwhile, Canadian anti smoking guru Sam MaCawl, who opposes the smoking of tobacco, marijuana, raspberry leaf, chamomile, pork, and red meat, said the regulations don’t go far enough.

“The fact our government event allows these dangerous products like tobacco or cannabis or smoked meat to be sold in Canada is shameful,” MaCawl told verp, swinging a large bell and chanting “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

In addition to expanding and tightening packaging and labeling regulations for tobacco, Bill S-5 establishes regulations for vaping products, also seeks to supplant the existing and rapidly growing unregulated vaporizer market.  

*contrary to popular belief, the S in Bill S-5 does not stand for Satire.

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