Top 5 ways to integrate cannabis into your Netflix routine

I’ve been an avid Netflix binger for years now, spending hours plowing through incredible serieses like The Crown or House of Cards or Friends, or an array of feature-length films like Moneyball or Dazed and Confused or When Harry Met Sally.

I’m also a long-time cannabis connoisseur. I love relaxing after a long day at work with a nice indica while I paint my chihuahua’s nails, or enjoying an invigorating sativa before a long run in the woods with my fashionable and fit friends.

But I had never thought of combining these two activities until recently when, entirely on accident, I had an edible a few hours before I fired up the ‘ol Netflix for my nightly 4-hour binge. I was just settling into Season 7 of How I Met Your Mother when the edible started to kick and I was in in for a treat!

At first when the edible hit I was a little worried. “Is this going to impact my Netflix experience in a bad way?” I thought, pausing the show just as Barney began fretting about his upcoming wedding. At first I considered going to get some peppercorns to sniff to help bring me down, but something told me to just ride it out and see, and BOY was I happy I did!

What I discovered was that by being high, it actually made the shows A LOT funnier and more interesting. Not only did I laugh my way through half of Season 7 that night, but afterwards, as I waited for the gentle kiss of the sandman, I found myself pondering the show in an entirely new light.

No longer did I see it as just a funny comedy full of wacky antics, I saw the underlying theme of postmodern loss and pathos, a nostalgia that feels both real, and not real. ‘Can we really trust our memories?’, I wondered as I drifted off. Or are we like Ted Mosby, telling ourselves long, twisting stories about our past that may or may not even be true? What is the general nature of reality in the first place?

Below are 5 great ways that you can integrate cannabis into your Netflixing

1. Edibles: A nice brownie or cookie, preferable 5000 mg or higher is a great way to really get into a show like Longmire, or The Santa Clarita Diet.

2. Vape pens: I find a nice vape pen is good for science fiction like Star Wars or Dr Who or with Romantic Comedies.

3. Blunts: This old standy is best when viewing any feature length film, although i don’t recommend it with a rom com.

4. Suppositories: This is exclusively used when watching Disjointed.

5. Bongs: Anything Harold and Kumar related and all stand-up comedy is best viewed while cradling a bong.

* Targeting satire specifically at one gender has been shown to signifigantly reduce the number of people who are interested in it. 

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