Several people gather to smoke weed and go for a walk

Nobody seemed to mind yesterday as several people in various cities across Canada gathered to smoke weed and go for a walk.

According to one woman who attended the event in Halifax, it was a lovely thing to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

“I was just walking home from the gym and I saw a bunch of people standing around and chatting in the park,” said Clara McInnes. “I was curious so I asked one of them what was going on. He told me they were going to smoke some weed and go for a walk, then maybe chill in a different park for a bit, play some drums. How could I resist?”

According to Damien MacDonald, a self described organizer of the event (he was one of only 3 people there with dreadlocks, so we trusted him), the point of the yearly rallies has long been forgotten by most, but he and a few others still remember that it has something to do with a point in history where it was really difficult to get good weed.

“In fact,” said MacDonald, “there are still places in the world where it’s impossible to get good cannabis. Praise be that Canada isn’t one of them!”

In Vancouver, where everyone is already smoking a joint every time they walk anywhere already anway, organizers decided to switch up their approach this year.

“This year we asked everyone to refrain from smoking cannabis during the event” says activist Richard Ooligan. “This was the only way we could make an impact here because this is Vancouver, you know? So all of us caused a real scene when we all stopped smoking weed and marched together through the city. It was a very powerful statement.”

As of press time several of these functions are still proceeding without incident, everyone is having a lovely time, and nobody seems to mind.

* Truth is stranger than satire.

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