Senate Committee hears testimony on home production of cannabis from people who have never seen a plant of any kind

The Senate Standing committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology heard today from ‘experts’ on the subject of growing four cannabis plants in the home.

Unfortunately, the Committee largely opted to ignore the testimony of the two actual cannabis and plant experts, preferring instead the opinions of two TV cops and a guy who is the head of a realtors association.

The two police officers and the realtors association representative both gave testimony about how growing four plants at home will cause houses and children to spontaneously combust, and that there’s no way to distinguish between a home growing 4,000 plants and four plants.

“As a man who has never grown any kind of plant, much less cannabis, I can say with the utmost confidence that home grown cannabis is deeply dangerous” said Michael Bourque, CEO of the Canadian Real Estate Association.

The informed and more tempered testimony from the two actual plant and cannabis experts on the panel—Jonathan Page, an Adjunct Professor in the Botany Department at the University of British Columbia and Ernest Small, a cannabis researcher who was recently appointed to the Order of Canada for his decades of work with plants, including cannabis—were largely ignored by the panel, especially the Conservative senators.

For their part, Deputy Chief Constable Mike Serr, Co-Chair, Drug Advisory Committee of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and Inspector Bill Spearn of the Vancouver Police Department weighed in extensively about their concerns that there’s no way to distinguish between a home that is growing thousands of plants for commercial cultivation and one that is growing four for personal use.

Any attempts by Page or Small to interject any of their relevant and informed cannabis common sense were largely rejected by the committee in favour of paranoid fear mongering from cops and realtors.

* This is satire, but it’s also reality… so deal with that.

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