PM makes surprise appearances at several cannabis greenhouses

Several greenhouse-based LPs have been left a little stunned and confused after the PM recently made surprise appearances at their grow facilities across the nation.

Two LPs in Ontario and three in British Columbia are saying that they have had to re-think certain strategies as a result of these surprise visits from the PM.

“The PM had been in the main flowering area for quite some time before we noticed, honestly,” said Tracey Tiltsit, master grower at Sun Medi Cann Farms, which operates a large greenhouse formerly used to grow tomatoes and cucumbers in Delta BC.

Tiltsit says they received no warning of the PM’s visit and were not at all prepared to properly address the PM’s presence.

“Once we saw the PM in the flower patch, we started seeing the PM everywhere we looked. Honestly we lost a lot of good plants because we couldn’t get anything else done while the PM was there.”  

Meanwhile, in Ontario, a similar situation has played out at Polar Fleece Inc’s facility in Niagara on the Lake, where the PM just showed up one day last month to everyone’s surprise.

“Honestly it sent us all scrambling,” says Polar Fleece CEO Lucie Clinton. “It’s a lot to deal with out of nowhere, especially when you’ve got literally  A BILLION other things going on at the same time.”

As far as why the PM has been choosing to visit places like Sun Medi Cann Farms and Polar Fleece and not others, an inside source known to be close to the PM informed verp that “the PM is just really fascinated with old greenhouses. It doesn’t matter what they’ve been used for. As long as they’ve been used, and they’re old, you’ll find the PM there poking around sooner or later.”

* At verp we bathe all our satire in myclobutanil before publication, just because we can.


  1. Milkman Sam

    Maybe if these LPeees knew how to grow without toxic chemical pesticides. Craft growers for years have known that you can use safe, chemical free applications of all natural products like neem oil to deal with powdery mildew.

  2. Frank Albert

    How is this even legal? Trudeau shouldn’t be allowed to just show up at these sites! Is he invested in them?

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