Trudeau preparing for “totally epic” national Liberal Party convention in Halifax

Justin Trudeau is excitedly preparing and packing for what he says is going to be a “totally epic” Liberal Party National Convention this coming weekend in Halifax.

Although Trudeau himself will be popping out on April 20th to galavant across the country handing out free joints, the Liberal leader says there are extensive plans for the party members to celebrate April 20th in style in Nova Scotia.

“Everyone knows Nova Scotia knows how to party,” Trudeau told verp via cell phone this weekend as he pre-rolled joints to pass out on 420. “I’m bringing along my traditional bright yellow Nova Scotia fisherman’s rain gear, and Sophie and the kids have matching ensembles. But the real party is going to be Friday night with David Axelrod. I can’t wait for him to get a taste of this Halifax Kush.”

The official convention program will start Thursday evening (April 19), with a large scale party smoke-out on April 20, and will wrap up on Saturday night (April 21). Commission General Meetings will be held on Thursday afternoon.

The convention fee for party members is $420, and $1,500 for observers. Temporary accommodations can be found Halifax, but in the maritimes it’s generally cheaper to just buy a house than to rent a hotel room.

* What shall we do with a drunken satire? 

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