People who only skim headlines outraged that Ontario will only have 4 cannabis stores

After the announcement of the first four locations for retail cannabis stores in Ontario this week, verp hit the streets to discuss the issue with Ontarians. Read their comments below:

Dan, Toronto: I think it’s insane. Don’t they realize there are millions of people in Ontario? Four stores will NOT be enough. These Liberals are so out to lunch! I’ll be voting Doug Ford this summer.

Tina, Ottawa: Oh yeah, I saw that. What a joke. Just legalize the dispensaries that are already here. Why spend all this time shutting down illegal stores only to open legal ones? Government just needs to get out of the way of the free market.

Eric, Oshawa: “Do the Liberals understand that dispensaries will be popular? They are gonna need bigger stores. My dispensary I used to manage would sometimes get hundreds of customers a day. They aren’t prepared for that level of customer service. And I bet they don’t even know how to visually identify mould or explain the differences between indica and sativa! Jokers.”

Salim, Toronto: “My religion says cannabis is haram. I’m not super strict but I don’t smoke weed or drink anyway, so I don’t think I will be going. But four doesn’t seem like enough. This kind of lack of foresight is why I’m voting for Doug Ford this summer.”

Moira, Hamilton: “Before my dispensary got shut down, we were serving 12,000 people per day. The lineup around the block was so thick that people who were trying to get to other businesses just couldn’t. We basically ruined all those other businesses on the block. The same thing will happen here! If they’re only going to open four OCS dispensaries, they should each be the size of a Target, with huge parking lots and 12 cashiers at any given time. These new OCS stores are going to destroy their neighborhoods!”

Winnie, Mississauga: “This is bullshit! I’m going to have to take the subway all the way to Scarborough to get legal weed, and the shop isn’t even near a subway station! Have you ever tried to take a bus in Toronto? I sure as hell aint going through all that trouble just so my weed is “legal”.”

Sunflower, Ottawa: “Oh jeez only four stores? That’s so lame. But it won’t affect me much cause i’m just here on vacation from BC. West Coast is Best Coast! Next time I’m out this way I’ll bring some extra greens with me. Sounds like a market opportunity. Thanks for the heads up, yo!”

* No real people were verped in the making of this satire.

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