Wynne responds to feedback, announces new approach to OCS locations

In response to the public outcry over four new weed store locations in Ontario, Premier Kathleen Wynne says the province will be re-thinking its approach.

Citing concerns with some locations being too close to schools and places kids hangout, might hang out, or have ever walked passed, the OCS—the branch of the LCBO tasked with selling cannabis in Ontario—says they will scrap their initial approach of 40 stores in 2018 and about 150 by 2020, and instead will only have one retail cannabis location, on a tiny island in Georgian Bay, Gillespie Island.

“We have found the perfect new location for a retail store that we believe will please everyone,” said Wynne in a press conference. “It’s hundreds of kilometres from any school or parking lots where kids might hang out, and can only be accessed by boat. This location is the best option to keep cannabis out of the hands of young people.”

One activist group, however, has already registered their outrage over the decision to place the location on an island.

Canadians against boats (CAB), a small group based outside Oshawa, says they represent the concerns of those Canadians who can’t afford boats or are afraid of the water.

“This is another outrageous, tone-deaf move by the Liberal Wynne government,” says Pam MacCall, the president of CAB. “Many Canadians cannot afford the extravagance of a boat, and never learned to swim. And others have an understandable fear of bodies of water, especially large ones like Georgian Bay. There could be monsters and stuff in there!”

Doug Ford, who is running against Wynne in the upcoming election this summer, said he’s going to scrap the island-based retail approach in favour of a ‘free market’, only to change his mind mid-sentence.

“Once again, the Wynne government simply has not done their research and listened to the needs of Canadians,” Ford told verp. “I will be opening up cannabis to the free market… wait… no, never mind. I think the island approach is great.”

Gillespie Island is a small island about 50 meters long and 20 meters wide. It is about a two and a half hour drive from Toronto to the King Bay Marina where one can launch their boat for a half a kilometre (.30 nautical miles) ride out to the island.

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