Emergency measure in Edmonton could spell end for BC Bud, beginning for ‘Burta Bud

The Alberta Legislature is expected to discuss an emergency measure this week to look at flooding the BC market with cannabis from an 800,000+ square foot hybrid greenhouse facility under construction at the Edmonton International Airport.

The production facility, Aurora Sky, is expected to be capable of producing more than 100,000 kg of cannabis a year once completed. The motion to be debated by the Alberta legislature proposes to force Aurora to dump all of this product onto the BC market, with the expectation that this will destroy BC’s cannabis industry, licit and illicit, by tanking the retail price of pot.

Emergency Measure 420 is expected to receive bipartisan support in a provincial parliament often mired in deep division between the Alberta NDP and the Alberta Progressive Conservatives.

Jason Kenney, the current leader of the United Conservative Party in Alberta, says he and his party fully support Emergency Measure 420 as a way of retaliating against British Columbians blocking the progress of the Transmountain Pipeline, which is being built to ship crude oil from Alberta to Asia.

“The BC government seems to think it can interfere in our local industry, so we’re going to hit them in theirs!,” Kenney told a group of reporters while having a drink at Pub 1905 in Edmonton. “Let’s see those hippies run BC with no weed money.”

A spokesperson for Rachel Notley, Alberta NDP Leader who introduced the emergency measure, said her office is happy to see such support across the aisle for a bill that is vital to both local and national economic interests.

“Aurora Sky represents an opportunity for Alberta to control not only the cannabis market in Western Canada, but all around the world. If this measure passes, this will be just one step in erasing ‘BC Bud’ from the landscape. Kids of tomorrow will be looking for that ‘Burta Bud.”

* Thankfully Alberta doesn’t have any leverage on the satire market. 

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