Legal market will fail unless cannabis is $1 a gram, say experts

The legal cannabis market will fail unless cannabis sells for $1 a gram or less, say some experts.

Chad Chaderson, a self-described cannabis aficionado and advocate, says legalization will be an abject failure because the government-mandated price of $10 a gram will be too high, allowing the black market to thrive.

“We’ve already heard that the government is setting the price at $10 a gram plus taxes,” Chaderson tells verp. “And we’ve already seen how the hundreds of dispensaries that have been selling at those prices or higher have all had to close due to a lack of demand. Now the government says they can shut down the black market on day one by charging ten times what the black market charges. It’s a joke!

“If they want to compete with the black market, legal cannabis will have to be $1 a gram or less. Maybe even free!”

Chaderson also points to the US legal markets, where the black market has continued to thrive and legal stores have been forced to give their product away for free to stay in business.

“Look at Colorado, California, Oregon, and Washington,” continues the advocate. “In Colorado, dispensaries sell for about $5 a gram and are barely staying in business. California is the same. Cannabis consumers simply won’t pay more than that for pot, and we’re already seeing the black market double and triple in those states.

“The same is true with dispensaries in Canada. They’ve all gone out of business because they can’t compete with the black market.”

Chadderson finds an unlikely ally in Don Pines, a policy analyst at Jackson Jackson and Jackson, a think-tank based in Calgary, who says the Trudeau government expects legalization to work perfectly from the very start, but they are mistaken.

“Justin Trudeau and his Liberal insiders may think all the hard work is done and that the black market will dry up on July 1st when pot is made legal,” Pines told verp, “but they’re going to look like idiots on July 2nd when crime still exists.”

Pines says there are a whole host of reasons why legalization will fail, including: an expected supply shortage, a lack of products currently available on the black market, charging money for products, a lack of man-buns and ironic reading glasses displayed by employees at retail outlets, and packaging regulations.

“This Liberal government is in for a rude awakening. They have told Canadians that legalizing will end the dangerous black market marijuana industry, but unless these stores give cannabis away for free, the black market will continue to be more appealing to consumers. And if that happens, it proves legalization doesn’t work and we should just give up and go back to prohibition.”

* We used to charge $20/gram for satire, but the market wouldn’t sustain it. 


  1. JAIME Reply

    1970’s pricing will be just fine. $10. Oz for brick weed.

    $40/ $50 oz for Skunk or Cali Pine, Max price for an Once of Triple A Grade $150.

  2. Jim Reply

    I won’t pay tax on legal weed sorry I’ll stick with the illegal dealers … I trust them I don’t trust the government

  3. Tim Graston, CEO Reply

    This guy is not qualified to write an article on someone else’s opinion. Why didn’t you write about the idiot that thinks cannabis should be a .01 a gram. Another waste of time reading. Where is ithe article showing “The Government” wants $10 a gram???? States and cities municipalities run cannabis laws the Federal government is all messed up. The fact is supply and demand run prices. California for instance grows approximately 14 million pounds a year while the state only consumes 4 million. Thats what is driving price whether your legal or illegal. Has a consumer there are relatively no consequences where you buy from. Washington and Oregon have allowed so many licenses that it’s driven the price down to $40.00 an ounce.
    This is where corporate weed is going to lose there ass. The cannabis community has been thru hard times of pushing legalization for over 20 years, this is just another bump in the road. The activists that brought you this far to legalization WILL find there place in the industry. They are now being pushed aside for big business or are they setting up for the big business fail at $1.00 a gram? Everybody loses at that rate, how do you pay your staff a living wage, pay rent, lights utilities, insurance TAXES on and on. These articles are a waste of time.

  4. Guywhogetsjokes Reply

    Um. Tim. You did catch the names Chad Chaderson and Jackson, Jackson and Jackson, right? Maybe that joke was over your head. Understandable, not everyone gets jokes. But youd think the big website title “fake news for cannabis professionals” might send the message pretty clearly that this is satire.

  5. Scott Reply

    Yeah they’ll never sell beer at 30.00 a case either. Laughable.

  6. Aaron Reply

    I’m all for the black market thriving. Its the only true free market left.
    They say “legalize” but what they mean is heavy regulation and taxation. Free weed? Not going to happen f**king commies…

    • Patriot Pat Reply

      Legalization is a communist plot to make our population stupid and un-free so the globalists can steal our liberty and vital essences.

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