Cannabis Corner with Jane Weedway

Today in the Cannabis Corner with Jane Weedway, we’re going to look at the two different kinds of cannabis: indica and sativa!

Now, I know what you’re saying: “Jane, what do you mean, different kinds of cannabis? Weed is weed, right?”


I used to think this, too. But then I took a cannabis course at the local university extension and I learned all about the different effects of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. You see, all cannabis gets you ‘high’ (well, except CBD, but we’ll cover that in my next column), but different types of cannabis have different effects.

You see, Cannabis indica works as a sedative and is what makes you want to sit on the Chesterfield and eat chips and binge watch Brooklyn 99 on Netflix. That Terry is so funny! Cannabis sativa works in the opposite way, it gives you energy!

Energy? From Cannabis?

That’s right! I use Cannabis sativa strains when I need to feel productive, like when I’m cleaning the house or going for a run. I use Cannabis indica when I want to relax after a long day of house cleaning and going for runs.

Another cutting-edge thing you should know about is indica/sativa hybrids. You see, if you crossbreed an indica plant with a sativa plant, you get a hybrid! Wild! Right?

And you keeners out there might have already guessed what happens when you smoke a hybrid. That’s right! If gives you energy AND makes you sleepy at the same time! How cool is that?

So next time you’re at your local cannabis dispensary, show off your newfound knowledge about cannabis by asking them to show you their indica, sativa and hybrid varieties. Your budtender will be so impressed!

* There are three types of satire: smug, sardonic, and smugdonic. 

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