3rd round of Cannalysts’ March Madness ends in anger and more confusion

The third round of The Cannalysts March Madness social media popularity contest has completed today, leaving a wake of destruction in its wake of confusion.

Yet again, Mother of All Dragons, Trina Phazer, straight up spanked her competition, David Hyde, in the Commentators Regional, while in the Industry Region finals, a juiced-up Adam Greenblatt was no match for even-more-juiced George Scorsis. While Greenblatt had been accused of doping in past contests, his sick burns were unable to take out Scorsis.

On the other side of the contest, Supreme’s John Fowler and weed illuminati master Chuck Rifici were down to the wire, with Fowler eking out a win by just a few votes in the final nail-biting minutes of this important contest, while Savestacks handily dealt with some guy named Todd Harrison.

The contest, put on by reddit community TheCannalysts, has been pitting Canadian cannabis industry-focussed twitter accounts against each other in a popularity contest mimicking the annual sports-ering event known as March Madness.

A representative for The Cannalysts, mollytime, told verp in a 5,000 word reddit post with incredibly thin analogies, that he is incredibly excited by the success and popularity of the popularity success contest.

“This is just so incredible,” said mollytime. “I’m so excited and i just can’t hide it.”

The penultimate final four round of the contest is to be held today with final votes in tomorrow, pitting Fraser against Scorsis, and Fowler against SaveStacks. Finals will then be held by noon EST on Monday, with the results and the winner crowned on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Dan Sutton says the contest is stupid and he didn’t want to win it anyway.

Verp is currently taking side bets for who will win the final round.

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