CBC report: “Black market retailer’s legal competitors are all trash”

Bob Dabber, proprietor of Dabbers Dabs in Saskatoon, had his businesses raided by police earlier this week, but says he will be open again soon.

Dabber’s Dabs is an unlicensed cannabis retailer in Saskatoon that Dabber says has specialized in helping sick people access the medicine they can’t find anywhere else since late summer 2017.

Dabber feels he had no choice but to reopen after the raid.

“We can’t turn our back on the money we get from sick and marginalized people” he said. “Selling weed to sick and marginalized people is really profitable. Every day we’re closed is like saying ‘no thanks’ to ten thousand dollars in revenue. Would you do that to those poor sick people?”

Saskatoon police point out that the business was warned several times after it opened earlier this year that it would face criminal enforcement if it didn’t close down. But Dabber says that without his store, sick and marginalized cannabis users would be forced back to the street to buy their medicine.

“Everyone knows the only place to buy medical cannabis in Canada is from an illicit retailer like me, or from gangsters on the street,” says Dabber. “Cannabis from the street is very different than cannabis sold through an illicit store like mine. Mine is grown by the black grey under regulated semi-legal health canada approved medical growers, whereas the stuff from the street is just weed. It’s not even medical weed, it’s poison weed!”

A CBC reporter who interviewed Dabber at the scene said he was going to fact check that claim, but he didn’t have the budget or inclination.

“Here at the CBC, we don’t have time or money or knowledge to actually fact check claims,” he said. “I don’t even have an editor! Ninety-Eight percent of the annual 40 billion dollar CBC budget goes to pay for news anchors’ wardrobes. We just don’t have the resources or, frankly, the common sense and intelligence to do more than quote a few random cranks and then run those quotes as if they are fact. Thanks.”

Dan Dabber says his store will be open again by tomorrow, as soon as he’s able to secure some more products from the street, then double the price and put it on his shelves for $10-$15 a gram.

“Legal medical cannabis is too expensive, that’s why no one buys it,” says Dabber.

“My customers can’t afford to pay $25 a gram like the legal market. They are on a fixed income. That’s why I only charge them $10-$15 a gram. That barely allows me to make a 200% markup. I’ll barely be able to keep a healthy profit if these raids keep up!”

* This satire is not directed at the many hard-working people who fought and worked for decades, putting their names on the record in a truly hostile legal environment to make legalization possible. but if you’re a multi-millionaire “grey market advocate of the poor and sick” or a lazy weed reporter: prepare to get verped. 


  1. Goblin Army

    Verp don’t understand the cannabis culture. More industry shills who are trying to steal this industry away. We got rich first, suckers! Enjoy our mids!

  2. Mark

    Cannabis costs a dollar or two a gram, at best to produce. The prices the government wants to charge are just as exploitive as the traditional illicit dealers.

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