Typo in cannabis regulations makes it illegal for miners to smoke weed

An unnoticed typo in Canada’s cannabis regulations threatens to make it illegal for miners to use cannabis products, says an inside source.

The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, says the section of the regulations that was supposed to relate to Canadians under the age of 18—minors—repeatedly and consistently referred to them as ‘miners’ instead.

Because of the nature of a deeply entrenched government bureaucracy in Canada that requires all changes to a document be personally approved by the Queen, the wait time to fix the typo is expected to be 6-8 months, which will likely extend a few months after cannabis becomes legal in Canada.

This means that for at least a few months later this year, young people in Canada under the age of 18 will be able to buy, sell, and use cannabis, while those Canadians working in mines will not. Minors who work in mines will also not be allowed to smoke weed. 

The Liberal Government is said to be in consultation with the mining community to apologize for the error. Workers in the mining sector, as with workers in other physically demanding fields, are known to use a considerable amount of cannabis as part of their daily work safety routines.

While the government won’t be able to pass emergency legislation to make it legal for miners to smoke pot in the interim period before the Queen can fix the typo, another inside source told verp that Bill Blair is in emergency talks with the RCMP to encourage them not enforce the law against miners.

“Mining is an essential Canadian industry with roots going back hundreds of years,” said our source. “And Trudeau knows he can’t win the 2019 election without them.”

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  1. jokers Reply

    Joke’s on you, verp. I work in construction and smoke weed every day.

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