Verp asks: are you worried about crossing the border after legalization?

Discussion in the Senate yesterday around C-45 focussed on legalization as it relates to national security, with an emphasis on the effect new laws could have on cross-border trade and travel between the US and Canada.

Verp hit the streets to find out what people think about the impact these new regulations might have on their freedom to visit and do business with our neighbours to the south.

Nina (21) Shrewd LP Trimmer

“The Company I work for, StratCann, already pays me through a numbered corporation specifically for this reason. First thing HR tells new employees is how to lie at the border—god bless ‘em.”

Derek (42) Ballin’ LP Executive

“I’m basically not allowed in the states anymore—they already took my nexus card and put me on the high risk list. It’s a shame that I can’t blow my corporate bonuses in Vegas anymore—I’ll really miss the High Roller suite at the Venetian. But at least in terms of the millions of dollars worth of business I conduct with American companies every month, I have a team of executive assistants and representatives I can send down there for face to face meetings and such—at least, until they get blacklisted too.”

Clancy (70) Old-Timey Weed Smuggler

“I spent the last 30 years smuggling weed into the states 500 lbs at a time, flying a homemade goddamn hang-glider through remote mountain passes in the Kootenays. And they think they can keep me out? Someone oughta remind em the border is a heck of a lot longer than that stretch at the Peace Arch they pay so much attention to.”

420Expert (30) Exhuberant Youtube Stoner

“This is bullshit, man. People in the states, they need real Canadian experts like me to show them how to smoke weed and…. uh … be stoned, and like… talk to other people who are stoned about how stoned we are. If I can’t get down there to teach them and represent Canada, man, that would suck for everyone!”

Dinsdale (47) Legitimate Strip Club Owner/Real Estate Developer

“I get a hard time already at the border because my name pops up in all kinds of databases, but they got nothin’ on me so I always get through in the end. As far as smuggling goes? Let’s just say that, if I were in the business of smuggling—which I’m not—this wouldn’t change anything. I’d just keep using shipping containers filled with dummy goods, same as always. Sure, I might lose an extra container of guns or heroin here or there due to the increased scrutiny around C-45, but my profit margins would account for that, so it’d be business as usual.”

* The export of Canadian media satire was made illegal under the SCTV Act of 1984. 

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