MedReleaf acquires rights to sell Woodstock branded weed in Canada

Ontario-based medical cannabis producer MedReleaf announced this week that they have licensed the Woodstock name as a cannabis brand in Canada.

The Woodstock brand is already associated with cannabis in the US, and this deal will allow it to expand into Canada, where weed will eventually be legal—thanks to the Woodstock festival (and not that sort-of-kind-of legal thing that’s happening down south).

“What better way to keep the Woodstock vibe alive,” says Michael Lang, a principal of Woodstock Cannabis Company and one of the producers of the original festival. “The Woodstock Generation® was all about peace and love, and cannabis is all about peace and love, so we pretty much invented weed smoking as you all know it. It just makes sense—and dollars.”

The use of a recreational brand separate from the MedReleaf name will help the latter maintain the facade of a medical producer, while also allowing it to expand into the soon-to-be-legal non-medical adult-use-for-purposes-of-recreating-shit-that’s-dank market (not unlike strategies already employed by Canopy and others).

Neil Closner, CEO of MedReleaf—also rumoured to be huge Deadhead—says the deal is “super groovy” and he can’t wait to help the Woodstock brand find its place in the great white north.

“This is really bringing the weed back to the people,” Closner told verp while shopping in a dispensary. “And we think this will play really well with aging hippies from the Woodstock era, especially our softgel capsules for safe and easy use, which can help them deal with all those aches and pains that come from having lived that zaney hippie lifestyle!”

“Plus” adds Closner, “Baby Boomers don’t waste all their money on gold-plated fidget spinners and avocado toast like millennials, so they can afford our products.”

“It was nearly 50 years ago” adds Lang, “that a little group of righteous star-children threw the most cosmically significant socio-cultural event in the history of the universe. We ended the Vietnam War, and now we’re ending prohibition, man.”

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