Cannabis companies scramble to market to women on International Women’s Day

Chad Bumberfeild, the CEO of Bumberfeild and Associates, a marketing firm that specializes in cannabis marketing, says women are the next big thing.

“This is a huge, untapped market”, says the well-coiffed CEO in his mid-30’s. “Right now men are the main consumers of cannabis, but if you look at demographic trends, women have more and more disposable income these days, and getting them to buy weed will really expand this industry!”

Bumberfield says his firm is currently working with a handful of legal cannabis growers in Canada to help ‘feminize’ their image, utilizing social media platforms to post images of women and “stuff women like, like crafts and Pinterest”.

“Women are different than men when it comes to consumer choices,” continues Bumberfield. “Not a lot of people realize this. They think they can post just one tweet and it will apply to all their consumers. But that’s just wrong!”

“We offer courses at our firm to help companies know how to reach the woman market, utilizing things like InstaGram filters and pictures of women doing woman stuff like laughing and smiling with their girlfriends on a road trip, or sitting around sipping tea.”

One of Bumberfield’s clients, the CEO of MycloGram, a Maritime-based cannabis grower, says he has been ecstatic with the efforts of Bumberfeild and Associates.

“Chad really understands women,” says Doug Pendergrass, the owner and founder of MycloGram. “He was one of the first people in the cannabis industry to identify women as an overlooked demographic we can sell weed to. With the help of his firm and the 13 men working there, we’ve been able to increase our exposure to female consumers by 3% in the last quarter alone.

“If that’s not feminism, I don’t know what is” says Pendergrass.

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  1. Gail

    You go girl! Women are the ones making the household decisions and controlling the purse strings. We have the power!

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