EXCLUSIVE: interview with Weed Toque Girl

It was just like any other late April afternoon on Parliament Hill—the gentle spring sun lifted by a warm breeze, the faint humm of bureaucrats working unseen in the hive of offices surrounding the bright green lawn.

At least this is what it would have been like if it hadn’t been the first April 20th to follow the Liberals’ rise to power on the back of a legalization mandate 6 months earlier. On this day, tens of thousands of enthusiastic potheads encrusted the hill to show their support for the sacred herb.

Tucked somewhere in the middle of this madness was Weed Toque Girl, an ordinary teenager who was inexplicably thrust into the spotlight as she became the face of EVERY SINGLE weed news story to hit the web for the next year.

Now, almost two years later, verp catches up with Weed Toque Girl to talk to her about her meteoric rise to fame as the defacto face of Canada’s legalization initiative. Our conversation is below.

So, to start can you tell us your memory of how that iconic photo was taken?

Sure! My friends and I, back then we were in grade 10 at St. Joe’s, just across the river from the hill. The weather was super, super nice that week and we had been heading over to the hill after school everyday to just relax in the sun and play frisbee.

So that day we got there and obviously the place was just crammed with people smoking weed and stuff. One of my friends knew what 4/20 was and explained it to us. None of us smoked weed but we thought it would be cool just just hang out and watch all the shenanigans.

Wait, none of you smoked weed? What about the picture?

Yeah I’m getting to that. So we’re just chilling and this dude with a huge camera comes up to us, says he’s a professional photographer and he’s wondering if he can take my picture. I thought that was kinda cool, so I said sure.

Next thing he’s pulling out this silly toque and a vape pen, asking me to put the toque on and puff on the vape—it was one of those nicotine-free blueberry flavored vapes people use to quit smoking, so I said sure.

You weren’t worried about your family or teachers thinking you had broken the law?

Nah I had my fave sunglasses handy, they’re pretty big so I figured between them, the toque, and all the smoke, no one would recognize me. I was right too! My mom has no idea! My dad knows, but he’s chill.

Have there been any really positive or negative sides of your sudden fame that really stick out?

Oh yeah totally! When my dad found out about it he assumed I could hook him up with weed. He bugged me non-stop for like a month before I convinced him that I don’t smoke and don’t have any hookups. Now he just teases me: “You must be the only teenager in Canada who can’t score weed!” He’s such a dork.

And on the plus side?

On the plus side, I graduate from grade 12 this year, and I already have a job lined up at Hydropothecary as their new VP of customer relations! I can’t wait!

* Kids these days and their new-fangled satire.


  1. Cousin Reply

    We need more positive influences why is CBC promoting use by teenagers?!!? My grandma smokes!

  2. ShaSha Reply

    Albert, all main stream media is fake news. It’s all corporate and government shilling to brainwash the public into thinking what they want them to think.

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