Shane ‘Mojito’ Morris hijacked from Hydro by Dieter ‘Mad-Dog’ MacPherson

Shane ‘Mojito’ Morris and Aurora Cannabis shocked the Canadian weed world this week by releasing a new diss-track aimed at Morris’ former crew, the Hydropothecary Boyz.

Morris, who started his cannabis-rap career on the streets of Ireland in his youth, signed with the Hydropothecary Boyz in 2014 after a long and public contractual negotiation.

From there Morris helped the Quebec-based crew shoot to stardom with epic, unforgettable singles like Peppermint Paddy, Decarb Cap (Chapters 1 and 2), Laissez le soleil entrer, and Cannabis thérapeutique.

The new diss-track, entitled Prenez-le mondial, was released as an announcement of Morris’ move from the Quebec-based Hydro Boyz to BC-based Aurora, taking much of the industry by surprise. The four and a half minute Metro Boomin-produced trap banger features a Wu-Tang-esque ensemble lineup with new bars from Morris, as well as Aurora VP of Production and head B-Boy Dieter ‘Mad-Dog’ MacPherson, Aurora CEO Terry “The Tycoon” Booth, Nick “Non-sensible” Whitehead and a heavily auto-tuned chorus from Neil Belot, Chief Global Business Hypeman.

“Yeah I got the peppermint, son, I don’t fake it/Paddy on the track, you can’t regulate this/ Started from the bottom/now I’m at Aurora Sky/repping AC, we always keep it fly”

—from Morris’ verse


The Hydropothecary Boyz, for their part, are said to already be in the studio recording a response track, with Hydropothecary co founders MC Adam Miron and his brother-in-law Sebastien St-Louis tapping Brampton-based producer WondaGirl to work her magic.

Verp was able to briefly catch up with Miron outside the group’s studio earlier where he said he’s sad to see “P-Mint” go, but that the Hydro Boyz are “bigger than just one man.”

“Wait until you hear our reprisal,” said Miron. “I’m just going to let the music speak for itself. #HB4Lyfe!”

* Mojito satire, mojito problems.

Featured image courtesy of Kristian Pikner via Wikimedia Commons.

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  1. Eric Vaughn Reply

    Just more Liberal prohibitionist cronies cashing in on the hard work of Mark Emory.

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