Borealis Bud now including free seeds with every 100th order

Some clients of BC Borealis Bud, a medical cannabis producer based in British Columbia, have been getting a surprise with their orders lately.

Every 100th order of medical cannabis from Borealis has been coming with a prize: free medical cannabis starting materials in the form of cannabis seeds.

Borealis’ VP of cannabis production, Hans McLoughlin, says the company has been quietly providing free seeds for over a year now as a way of subverting Health Canada’s strict access program that limits how Canadians can get seeds or clones to grow their own cannabis.

“As a medical cannabis patient who grows his own at home, I sympathize with what our patients have to deal with,” says McLoughlin. “Ordering cannabis in canada can be a complicated process so we wanted to provide a bonus for a few lucky patients in the form of seeds so they can soon be growing their own, as well!”

Patients on social media who received the free seeds appear to be very happy with the program. One patient who lives in Newfoundland, Sarah Conner, says the day her order came, she opened it to find about a dozen seeds hiding in with the cannabis flower.

“It was such a delight,” says Conner, who uses cannabis to deal with pain from physical injuries suffered while battling a T2 device that came from the future to kill her son. “There are very few places for a patient like me to get legal cannabis seeds, so when I opened my bottle of St Lawrence (Pink Kush) and saw all these seeds, it felt like Christmas!”

Borealis’ director of marketing, Casey Kelly, says the idea was based on Crackerjacks, which are known for their prizes.

“When patients think of medical cannabis and Borealis, we want them to think of Crackerjacks,” says Kelly.

* Satire is as satire does.


  1. Fred Reply

    Oh my god you people are stupid. These sorts of seeds are not intentionally. These are coming from stressed plants that go hermaphoridite because these fake cannabis LPees don’t know how to grow. The Trudeau government cronies won’t approve craft producers and instead give licenses to former cops. Fake Legalization. Sad.

    • Christopher Reply

      You seem to be the dense one as this is clearly satire. It says so in the website logo, as well as at the end of the article, although I thought it was apparent just from reading the article.

      Maybe next time pay a little more attention before you start spewing insults.

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