Vancouver to become sanctuary city for (ultra wealthy) cannabis users

Following up on an announcement from Berkley, California, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Roberts said he also wants to make his city a ‘sanctuary city’ for cannabis users in Canada.

Under Berkley’s new resolution the city vows that “no department, agency, commission, officer or employee of the City of Berkeley shall use any City funds to assist in the enforcement of Federal drug laws related to cannabis.”

The Vancouver Mayor says his city has been refusing to enforce federal cannabis laws for years now and feels Vancouver should get some credit, too.

“Vancouver is the most beautiful city in the world,” said Roberts. “The children of super-rich people from all over the world, people whose parents can afford to buy them multi-million dollar one room condos, flock here to enjoy our majestic ski-hills and our expansive bike lanes and our thriving illegal cannabis dispensary scene.”

“In line with that, we’ve decided to announce that Vancouver will now be a sanctuary city in Canada for wealthy pot smokers who can afford to live here and also like to smoke weed.”

In response to the announcement, ultra-luxury cannabis lifestyle brand Balmoral Puff has opened a pop-up stall in Robson Square to begin selling jewel encrusted bongs and gold leaf rolling papaers ahead of their permanent storefront opening in the location of the former Tiffany store at 723 Burrard later this spring.

Roberts says he admits this might be seen as unfair for those pot smokers who can’t afford to live in Vancouver, but adds “that’s the price we all pay to live in the most beautiful, liveable city in the world.”

“Have you seen our bike lanes?” asked Roberts.

* Welcome to the most luxurious satire this side of the Atlantic!

Featured image courtesy of Domo K via Flickr.


  1. Dan

    Of course old Gregor Roberts is up to his usual tricks with his Chinese pop star girlfriend. We don’t need more bike lanes, “Mayor” MCGreggor, we need you to deal with the housing crises.

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