Bruce Linton tells Senator that drones could steal outdoor weed

A comment today in the Senate gave some insight into concerns from at least one giant all-indoor LP executive about the dangers of growing weed outside.

*Unlike most stories on this site, this is actually true and really happened.*

Independent Senator Ratna Omidvar told the Senate that, upon her visit to Canopy Growth Corporation’s Smiths Falls facility on Monday the 12th, Bruce Linton shared with her and others his concern that outdoor cannabis could be subject to theft via drone.

“…The legislation will enable the growth of cannabis in open fields under certain circumstances… not in greenhouses and not in controlled facilities but in open fields, and he (Linton) pointed out that his concern would be that its an open field that’s accessible by drones, and that drones could fly in and that could create another expression of criminalization.”

Canopy Growth, of course, has invested millions, potentially even billions into indoor and greenhouse production facilities. It’s hard to know if Linton is seriously suggesting that weed-stealing drones are a serious concern, or if he’s just looking for reasons to limit outdoor production to preserve his company’s first-to-market advantage in the acquisition and development of indoor growing space. 

* I really wish this was satire. But it’s not. You can read the Senator’s comments here

Featured image courtesy of Makaristos via Wikimedia Commons


  1. peter Reply

    ya, for sure, bruce’s drones will make sure it happens, and that consumers don’t benefit from outdoor grown strains, brilliant and greedy too

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