Dip in weed stocks the perfect opportunity to double down, says expert

While some have been panicking over the downtrend in many cannabis sector stocks over the past few days, one investment expert says this is the best time this industry has seen in months to find an affordable entry point.

Dale Jackson, an investment banker specializing in cannabis industry stocks at his Bay Street firm, says the recent downturn in prices is only temporary, and is ultimately good for weed stocks in general.

“This is good for weedstocks,” Jackson told Verp in an interview over champagne brunch at Holts Cafe. “We’ve seen such high valuation over the past few months that it’s been hard for some to get into the sector. This price dip presents an opportunity for new investors to find an entry point, and for experienced investors and bag holders alike to double down and buy even more!”

Jackson says his firm is ready to put $15 million into the sector next week across the board because he lives by the Warren Buffet mantra.

“‘Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful’’ is what I always say” says Jackson, unbuttoning his sport coat and pulling up his shirt to show off the phrase tattooed across his stomach. “I also have it in stone above the door to my office.”

Jackson says he is advising all his clients to take out loans on their mortgages or take out new mortgages so they can double down on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get rich quick.

*Put your wallet down, this article is satire. 

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