Commenter on cannabis investing forum sure that CEO of company he just invested in is ‘genius’

Cal Wortherton, a self-described ‘financial expert and bitcoin enthusiast’, says he was excited by a recent press release from MycloGram, a licensed producer of medical cannabis. The press release, which was an announcement that the company will soon have an announcement, also noted that MycloGram grows ‘the most respected cannabis in the world’.

“Garvord Hillington, MycloGram’s CEO, is a genius!,” exuded Wortherton on a popular stock message board. “I can really tell that under his leadership this company is really going places! This press release gives me a solid and deep sense of security that this CEO’s leadership is exactly what this company needs to take it to the moon.”

Another commenter agreed with Wortherton’s assessment.

“You said it, man! It’s really great the way these press releases instil such confidence in this company’s leadership. I literally cannot say anything bad about these guys. It’s nothing but blue sky.”

Not everyone on the message board, however, had positive things to say. One commenter, who identified himself only as ‘Gelf4287’ found some flaws in the company’s last quarterly report that showed overall losses, along with expensive salaries and no real business plan.

“Guys, I don’t want to rain on the parade here, but MycloGram’s quarterly earnings are going down, not up. We’re seeing the stock increase only because of the recent press releases. There’s nothing behind it! Compare quarterly sheets from 2015 and 2017 and you’ll see some expenditures that make no sense, and they’re reporting earnings by just assigning increasing value to their plants. They say one of their mother plants costs $8 million!”

Gelf4287, however, had his comment deleted by the forum moderators, who accused him of working for a competing producer.

Featured image courtesy of Johnny Magnusson.


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