Consumer outrage over proposed cost of legal cannabis

With the government’s proposed tax scheme for legal cannabis having been drafted late last year, VERP headed down to the local outlet of Frank’s Discount Weeds and Snacks to ask cannabis users how they feel about paying tax on legal weed.

As currently proposed, the tax would amount to a flat rate of $1 for amounts totalling $10 or less, and ten percent on amounts over $10. This would be in addition to other applicable sales taxes.

To our surprise, most of the customers we talked to at Frank’s were visibly upset at the thought of such a tax, while one person even burst into tears and was unable to speak.

You can read a few of their responses below.

Rachel J. 29

“I can’t believe it. I’m just kind of in a state of shock. How will I afford my medicine? I’m already paying upwards of $14 per gram here. This new tax will price me out of the legal market! People my age are already struggling enough, what with housing prices and employment uncertainty.”

Michael B. 19

“Yeah that’s ridiculous. I’m just planning to stockpile a bunch in my closet before it’s legal, and then my bedroom has an ensuite, so I’m going to just start a grow op in the bathtub. I’m pretty sure I can get four plants in there. I grew one under my bed last year and it turned out alright so I figure four in the tub ought to be enough to keep me going, and the exhaust fan should keep my folks happy.”

Kelly S. 30

“Honestly, I’m only here because my normal guy is in the middle of a dry spell. He charges six bucks a gram for bud that makes the shit here look like parsley. If he wants to charge me ten percent on that, I can’t complain. But he won’t, you know? Anyway, the government can kiss my ass.”

Alicia K. 25

“What? OMG really? Are you serious? I can’t believe that. Really?”

Bruce S. 32

“Well, I’m only here from Australia for the ski season, but it’s still a bit worrying since a lot of the illegal cannabis back home is smuggled from Canada, so like, if the Canadian weed gets ten percent more expensive I imagine we’ll be feeling that down in Oz too. Crikey!”

Ian N. 45

“Speaking as the president of the Downtown Eastside chapter of the Socially Progressive Libertarian Individuals For Freedom, I can say that real Canadians won’t stand for this. Our group already has a team of prominent  cannabis layers preparing to use Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to quash this blatant affront on the sovereignty of Canadian cannabis users.”

Vivienne A. 62

“It’s not fair. The Mother Goddess gave us, her beautiful but troubled children, this plant to use for healing. It should be free for everyone, nevermind tax-free. How can you put a tax on peace of mind? On physical and spiritual health? On world peace and an end to suffering? This plant has the power to heal our sick society, but we continue to treat it the same as poisons like alcohol and tobacco. For shame, Canada.”

Roy P. 74

“I remember back when pot got hot in the 60’s. Boy, it was expensive back then. Real expensive. Ten bucks a lid where I lived. You could buy a used car for ten bucks back then. You could start a business. Heck, I moved to Toronto with less than ten bucks in my pocket when I was sixteen. Four years later I was a successful trader on Bay Street.

“As time passed, everything got more and more expensive—everything except pot. Now you need a million dollars to buy a house, but you can still get high for ten bucks. As far as I’m concerned, the price could go to a hundred bucks a gram and it still wouldn’t be as bad as it was back in the 60’s. Kids these days wouldn’t know value if it socked ‘em right in the kisser.”

Featured image courtesy of Rick Obst.

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