Legalization makes sense, but why rush it?

Look, I’m hip. I get ‘it’. I support legalization. But what’s the rush?

Cannabis is much more common and normalized today, and the government is seeking to regulate this product in ways that will help curtail this popularity. But in their mad dash to ram legislation through Parliament, the Liberals have shown a gross disregard for public safety.

Now, don’t get me wrong—I support legalization. But cannabis is not benign and we really must look at how our government is legalizing it in such a rushed frenzy while they overlook public safety and concerns.

I mean, sure, we need to legalize weed. But even the legal stuff is dangerous! Whoa! We need to slow down.

You can see what I’m saying. Obviously we should legalize cannabis. I get it. I’m hip. But cannabis is very, very dangerous and until the regulations are so strict that it can only be produced by NASA in a hermetically-sealed satellite orbiting earth, it will be obvious our irresponsible government is hurling itself headlong into a mad dashed rush to force down a regime that has been rammed through parliament in a totally unprecedented six months.

Sure, Canada is legalizing. But slow down, buddy! Why are you in such a rush!

 – Samuel Van der Stront

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Samuel Van der Stront is a retired appliance repairman and former MLA from Horsefly, BC, who is also on the executive board of Sensible Approaches to Marihuana, Canada.

*This article is a satirical work. Nothing is true; all is permitted. 

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