Horgan: “C in ‘Site C’ stands for cannabis”

In a press conference earlier today, the BC government explained that their unexpected decision to complete construction of the Site C hydroelectric dam resulted from anticipation of an increased power need related to the legalization of cannabis.

BC Premier John Horgan stated that “The C in Site C stands for Cannabis. What the previous government didn’t tell British Columbians was this project was always about providing more power for BC’s massive indoor marijuana industry.”

The Site C hydroelectric dam is a large-scale project on the Peace River near Fort St. John in northeastern British Columbia, Canada. BC’s cannabis industry is estimated to be worth billions, most of it grown indoors under energy-hungry lights.

“Frankly, this is just another example of how the previous Liberal government bumbled their management of our province,” continued Premier Horgan. “Former Premier Christy Clark lied about the true purpose of this dam because her big government cronies didn’t want to get caught pushing legal cannabis after what happened with Gordon Campbell in Hawaii.”

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver says he sees the dam as a great ecological solution to the heavy carbon footprint of indoor cannabis.

“There is no question, this is ‘green’ energy,” Weaver added. “We need to encourage our craft growers to produce some of BC’s best small batch organic, pesticide free craft cannabis. We are known the world over for these fine products.”

Featured image courtesy of Jeffrey Wynne.

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*This article is a satirical work. Nothing is true; all is permitted. 

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